Leaky Gut Repair Program

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  • My #1 Program to Heal Leaky Gut
  • Digital eCourse with Videos, Documents & Guides
  • Easy, At-Home Finger Stick IgG Lab Test
  • Tests for 96 Common Foods
  • Glutamine, Super Probiotics, Digestion Support, Organic Super Protein

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Our Leaky Gut Repair Program was developed by our very own Dr. Mark Menolascino, who is a specialist in the field of functional medicine and whose medical accolade includes four board certifications, a dual master’s degree, and over 35 years of experience. This program is designed to teach you just how important the relationship between your immune system and your gut is for your overall health. We will combine your personal health data from specialized lab results with high-quality supplementation to support your immune system and heal your gut! 

When you order this program, you will instantly gain access to the course including online course materials and videos. You will be able to start the program right away from the comfort of your own home while your supplements and lab kit is sent directly to you. When you receive your order, you will start the Gut Healing Protocol as well as do an easy, at-home dried blood spot collection. This will be sent to our lab to process your food intolerance test (IgG). Once you receive your results, you will adjust the program to your personal results.

Over a six week period, you will not only learn how to optimize your health, but you will also start on the path to personalized nutrition and in turn learn how to heal your gut and optimize your immune system for better health!  

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