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Are you ready to put an end to your allergies once and for all? Sublingual immunotherapy may be the solution for you. Sublingual immunotherapy, also know as Allergy Drops, actually treats the root cause of allergic disease. Allergy drops are also offered as a safe, convenient way to treat the cause of your allergies and help you build long-term tolerance to the things that once made you miserable.

Many of our patients find that symptoms of allergies – including a dripping or stuffy nose, sneezing, itching in the eyes, nose and throat, or worsened asthma – can get in their way of enjoying the beautiful seasons.

If those symptoms sound familiar, you might be interested in a treatment that many of our patients are finding helpful. The treatment, known as sublingual immunotherapy or allergy drops, helps patients build a tolerance to substances that cause allergies. The drops work similar to allergy shots, but the delivery of a liquid drop under the tongue can be easier and more convenient for patients to tolerate.

Allergy Drops

What are the Benefits of Allergy Drops?

Though most allergy sufferers can benefit from this specific treatment, allergy drops are ideal for people who can’t tolerate or commit to allergy shots, and for those who want to treat all of their allergies at once instead of one at a time through tablets, and those who find it hard to avoid allergens and are tired of taking medications just to temporarily reduce symptoms.

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