Portable Hyperbaric Chambers – Rental Program

Vitaeris 320
OxyHealth Rental Program

Vitaeris 320

Rental with Purchase Option

$2300 per month
$600 outbound shipping
$650 return shipping & sanitizing fee
$3000 security deposit*

Cost to ship out a chamber is $6500
($2300 + $600 + $650 + $3000)

*Check or wire transfer required for the security deposit.


Up to three months of your monthly rental fees, security deposit and return shipping will all be applied to the purchase price of a new chamber.

What’s Included in Your Rental?

Vitaeris 320 Hyperbaric Chamber
Carrying Bag
Medical Grade Filters

10ft Medical Grade Hose
Internal Fram
Mattress & Cover
Operation Manual

OxyHealth Vitaeris 320 Specs

Hyperbaric Chamber

  • 1.3 ATA (4psi) operating pressure
  • Durable, double-sided 44 oz. urethane-coated polyester bladder
  • Tamper-proof, dual redundant pressure regulator valves
  • Patented 2-zipper seal assemblies
  • Designed for improved airflow through chamber during treatments
  • Additional port for external medical pass-through devices
  • Manufactured with nontoxic, medical-grade components
  • Rigid frame that maintains form when deflated

*Standard – Mattress contoured to fit inside the chamber


Bladder: 35lbs
Bolsters: 7lbs
Compressor: 37lbs
Frame: 16lbs
Mattress: 10lbs


Length: 92 inches
Diameter (inflated): 32 inches


Air Compressor

Double-headed, oil-less 1/3 hp compressor with dual intake filters with cooling radiator

High-efficiency inline air filtration that filters air to 0.01 microns

Analog pressure gauge 10 ft. medical grade hose with quick disconnect couplings

*Oxygen concentrator available separately by prescription

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