Clinic Policies

We strive for your experience at The Meno Clinic to be an excellent one. To achieve that goal, we want you to be fully informed of our policies. To make the best use of your time with the doctor, we encourage you to write down any questions, concerns, and other discussion points for your visit and to complete the questionnaires in the Patient Portal at least 24 hours before your appointment.

Payments & Fees

We require payment on the day of service. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and personal checks. A fee will be issued in the event of insufficient funds.

  • New Patient Appointment
    75 minutes: $795
  • Extended Follow-up Appointment (Over 2 years since the last visit)
    75 minutes: $795
  • Follow-up Appointments
    45 minutes: $395
  • Phone Appointment
    30 minutes: $295
    15 min: $255

New Patients

To ensure personalized and precision care, new patients are required to have an in-person initial consultation with Dr. Mark. After the first consultation, continued care can be either through in-person consultations or via telehealth, based on preference. However, to maintain the tailored approach to care, an extended follow-up appointment is necessary if two years pass without an appointment.

Phone/Email/Patient Portal Consults

For matters that necessitate more than a simple yes or no response and involve medical decision-making, we require either an in-person appointment or a phone consultation.

If you need an immediate response or medical attention, email/patient portal is not the right communication tool. We suggest that you schedule an office visit or phone appointment with our physician or go to the Emergency Room.

*Email and Patient Portal correspondence is not appropriate for urgent medical needs and it is not intended for medical advice or diagnosis*

  • If requests/questions require medical decisions the email will be sent back to the patient with a request for an office or phone visit with the Doctor.
  • Email and Patient Portal correspondence will be responded to within 48 hours.

Cancellation Fee

We require a 48-hour notice if you need to cancel office visits or phone visits. If no notice is given there will be a$ 100.00 cancellation fee.

Primary Care

All patients are required to have a primary care physician for their routine medical and medication needs.  Dr. Mark Menolascino and The Meno Clinic is a consultation service only and does not provide primary care service or emergency service.

At any time an urgent health issue arises, seek an urgent care clinic or Emergency Room care.

Medical Records

Your privacy is of utmost importance and protected by law.

Your medical records are subject to HIPAA policies. We need direct written consent in order to release records regarding your care with us to anyone other than directly to you and have forms available in your patient portal and in the office for your convenience.

Discussion of your treatment with others requires your written permission even if it is a family member or spouse.

Administration Fees

At times, we are asked to fill out forms for work, insurance companies, or other physicians, etc.  In order to comply with these requests in a timely manner, we charge a minimum of $75 case analysis fee. That fee can vary depending on the size of the chart for records or documentation to create and fill out.


Any prescription refill request should be done directly to your pharmacy.

Please allow 72 hours for processing.

Any new prescription(s) will require an office visit with no exceptions.

Please make sure you schedule your routine appointments ahead of time to avoid a delay in getting your prescription renewed.

You are responsible to be in charge of your prescription schedule. Address refills at least a week before you need them. We do not prescribe controlled substances.


We are an insurance-free practice and a low-volume office, offering our patients comprehensive care, and expecting payment at the time of service. Though we are not on any insurance plans and are considered out-of-network, we will provide the necessary information including a medically coded receipt for you to submit to your insurance company. After payment is made to our office, the bills can be submitted to your insurance company and will be reimbursed to you dependent upon each individual insurance plan. If desired please check with your insurance company prior to your visit.  We are not Medicare providers. However, we may be able to order any tests needed for Medicare patients and these will be covered as usual under Medicare guidelines.


For all billing questions, please email or call for questions:

Phone: 307.732.1039
Fax 307.732.1041


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