InBody Body Composition Analyzer

The InBody Scale is the latest in cutting edge technology, which we use for our patients. The human body is composed of four main components: water, proteins, fats and minerals. The InBody Test provides a comprehensive view of body composition balance of these components.

Our InBody570 uses BIA Technology (bioelectrical impedance analysis). Our test provides comprehensive muscle and fat diagnosis that are essential in monitoring health. The test results show segmental muscle and fat analysis that allows you to clearly understand the distribution and where you need to focus on muscle and fat development.

Inbody Scale

How Can this Benefit?

Using the InBody scale is a great tool to use to track your body’s composition. Whether you are detoxing, trying to lose weight or gaining muscle, the InBody scale is the perfect instrument to monitor your progress.

InBody BIA Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

Do not exercise right before conducting the test.
Can people feel a tingling sensation on their hands and feet during the test?
Are there any restrictions for the test such as weight, height and age and can children be accuratel
How long does it take to perform the test?
How high is the reproducibility of the InBody?
How accurate is the InBody compared to DEXA?
Is BIA technology accurate?
Are there any individuals who should not be tested with the InBody?
Isn’t BMI enough to diagnose obesity?
What is the difference between the models, and which one is best for me?
What can I do with the InBody? How would the InBody be useful in my everyday practice?
Is the electrical current during the test harmless to the body?
I’ve followed the pre-test guidelines. Any advice for when the test is in progress?
What can be worn during testing?
Why is it recommended to remove socks or stocking for the test?
If a retest is carried out, make sure to conduct the test under the same conditions
Conduct the test at normal temperatures. (68 ~77℉)
Do not take measurements during the menstrual cycle.
Do not conduct the test right after shower or sauna.
Stand still for about 5 minutes.
Make sure to use the bathroom.
Assure the test is conducted before a meal.
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