6 Steps to a Dreamy Night’s Sleep

7 Day Food Log

Track everything you consume and how you feel throughout the day for a full week.

7 Day Food Log with Glucose Monitoring

Track everything you consume throughout the day for a full week while recording your glucose monitoring.

Adrenal Fatigue, Fact or Fiction?

Article written by Dr. Mark

Anti-Candida Helpers

Treat candida with this perfect list of natural remedies

, candida gut
Candida Antibodies & Antigen Panel

US BioTek Sample Candida Antibodies & Antigen Panel

, candida gut
Candida Protocol

Follow this protocol of nutrition and supplementation for candida relief

, candida gut
CHL Sample Report

Complete sample report of our Cleveland Heartlab lab results

, , adrenal cardiovascular thyroid
CHL Sample Report #2

Cleveland Heartlab Sample Report

Cleveland HeartLab Handout

Inflammatory biomarkers and their association with atherosclerosis. Evaluate your risk for heart disease and cardiac events.

Female Hormone Bundle

Hormone overview, hormone pathway, women’s hormones, female hormone therapy, guides to hormones

Guide to Dairy, Egg & Bread

The smart guide to dairy, egg, & bread.

Gut Healing Protocol

Our ultimate guide to heal leaky gut

How to Make a Smoothie

18 Delicious Smoothie Recipes

How to use your US Biotek Blood Spot Collection Kit

Video on what the blood spot collection kit contains and how to use it

, gut labs
IgG IgE Explanation

The difference between IgG & IgE food reactions.

, gut labs
IgG Sample Report

Sample report of our US BioTek 96 General Food Panel: IgG

, gut labs
Interpret Your Results

Video on how to interpret your US Biotek Food Sensitivity Results

, gut labs
Leaky Gut

Diagram and explanation: healthy gut vs a leaky gut.

Leaky Gut Bundle

Document bundle: Leaky Gut, Dr. Mark’s Dinner Plate, Gut Healing Protocol, Smoothie Recipes

Meno Cleanse Plus Guidebook

Digital copy of our Guide Book which comes along with our Meno Cleanse Plus – 14 Day Detoxification.

Optimal Food Choices

Update your cabinets with this pantry makeover.

Sarcopenia Bundle

What is Sarcopenia? How to reverse/reduce risk? Gut health, nutrition, supplementation and the relation with …

, gut muscular
Thyroid Metabolism at a Glance

Positive and negative effects on your thyroid

Total Cholesterol and LDL

Total Cholesterol and LDL Don’t Tell the Whole Story…

Total Tox Burden Sample Report

Sample Report of Vibrant Wellness Total Tox Burden Report

Treating Candida

Relieve symptoms of candida with these simple, natural, holistic treatment

, candida gut
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