Healthy Gut vs. Leaky Gut

Intestinal permeability is a term describing the control of materials passing from inside the GI tract, through the cells lining the gut wall, into the rest of the body. It is normal for the intestine to exhibit some permeability,...

Gut Health & Detoxification

Gut Health & Detoxification Spring is coming upon us and it is time for some spring cleaning and detoxification! Here is the 3rd module: "Gut & Detoxification" from my Healthy Heart eCourse. In this video, you will learn: Benefits of detoxification ...

COVID-19 Testing: Why Test? Who should test? What Test To Use?

Interview with CJ

A Step Towards Fixing Your Thyroid

Dr. Mark – Evolution of Medicine summit – interview excerpt

James: Great to have you here on the line. Dr. Menolascino and I have known each other for a few years. We met at the Heal Thy Practice Conference in 2011, and I've had an opportunity to go out...

How does your thyroid manage your metabolism?

This is a nice video I saw on TED Ed from Emma Bryce. The thyroid is one fascinating organ but do you know exactly what it does in your body? She explains how the thyroid, like the operations manager in a...

Healing From the Inside-Out

Watch "The Spa Dr. - Healing from the Inside-Out with Dr. Mark Menolascino" podcast with Dr. Trevor Cates. To view the original post, please view here.

Lyme Disease: Functional Medicine Perspective w/ Dr Mark Menolascino

Dr Mark Menolascino gives a view of Lyme from a Functional Medicine perspective.

Age Management Medicine Group

Watch Dr. Mark speak at the 14th Annual Clinical Applications for Age Management Medicine Group in Hollywood California: Identification & Nutraceutical Management of Emerging Cardiovascular Risk Factors