24 Hours of Ideas to Help Get Your Heart Happy and Healthy.

24 Hours of Ideas to Help Get Your Heart Happy and Healthy.

Let’s face it. Your body doesn’t care what you plan on doing.

It lives with the repercussions of all of yesterday’s decisions …and today’s.

Planning on waiting to put into place your New Year’s Resolution of taking better care of yourself is really just a pass for bad behavior until then. Sometimes with deadly consequences. What are you waiting for?

24 Hours of Ideas to Help Get Your Heart Happy and Healthy.When the first sign for half of all heart disease patients is death, literally, now is not the time to procrastinate. And if changing your entire way of life seems daunting, don’t allow that to prevent you from making ONE healthy change right now, today.

How frustrating (and strange) would it be if clocks suddenly jumped ahead or back to times we might have done things differently?

We should take a lesson from our clocks and take things minute by minute, hour by hour throughout our morning, our midday, our afternoons, and our evenings.

All of these moments, all of the decisions we make collectively throughout the day… that’s what determines whether or not we are choosing to support our health (or derail it).

Countless, momentary, individual choices.

So make one now. Don’t worry about the second or the third or tomorrow’s or next week’s.

Your body only cares about the choice you make this very minute.

So I want to challenge you to stand up and get some water.

That’s actually two healthy choices right now that you can do. Move and hydrate.

To download Women’s Heart Health By the Clock, click here. It will give you great suggestions on what I recommend at different times of the day and what I suggest you avoid.

Did you get that water yet?