Clinic Update for the Month of April

Clinic Update for the Month of April

Dr. Mark here reaching out to you to support you and your family. We are hoping everyone is being safe and smart; taking care to avoid catching the COVID virus as well as boosting your individual health now in every way to have the strongest immune system possible. (Read Article: A Strong Defense is Your Best Offense!)

We are here for you and want you to know that our clinic is moving in real-time to accommodate your needs.

We have set up a mechanism for you to self-schedule a phone consult with our openings over the month of April and likely continue into May to expand access for you.

For medication refills, call your pharmacy and have them fax a request. Our policy is 72 hours but I am working hard to do the same day for you-if on medications, thyroid medications or others. Look now and see that you are set for at least the next 60 days. We are encouraging a minimum of 90 days to cover your needs. If need thyroid medication, call to set it up now.

We will be sending you weekly emails to update you on what I learn as a physician and International Speaker through my network of colleagues so you can get the latest information that is correct and helpful. This is the time to be the best you can be mind, body, and spirit. Let’s all work together to support each other and know we are here for you. (Read Article: Don’t just avoid COVID-19 – Defeat It!)

Scheduling through the Patient Portal

To schedule your Phone Consultation, please sign in to your Patient Portal and click “My Appointments” from the right-hand side navigation. From there you will be able to select an available time for your appointment.

If you are having any trouble with the Patient Portal or scheduling, please email us at for assistance. We will respond within as soon as possible. While you are in the patient portal, we ask that you update your supplements and medications.

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