A Conversation with Dr. Trevor Cates

Trevor Cates:  How do you help your … With your patients and your practice, achieving optimal health with having glowing skin and helping them with … slowing down the aging process, all the things that you and I have talked about?

Dr. Mark Menolascino:   I think it’s really trying to individualize it. It’s not a one-size-fits-all. We’re all unique and such individual diversity that the key is to tap into what works. We are taught in medical school to motivate people by fear and guilt. “If you eat one more doughnut, you’re going to get diabetes.” What we’re trying to do, Trevor, as you do in your practice, let’s provide information to empower people with knowledge, to encourage them to have good behavior based on their individuality. If we can meet them in that space, we get great outcomes. People love that type of medicine, and it’s a fun way to practice.

Trevor Cates: Yeah, absolutely. What are some of the kinds of tools that you use in your practice?

Dr. Mark Menolascino:   We start with nutrition. Really, at the end of the day, I don’t believe in diets … because of “D-I-E,” and so I think it’s really trying to look at food sensitivities and food intolerances, looking at someone’s individual diversity of what fits their schedule, their belief system, their family of origin, what they can do and be successful with, and not try to put my personal belief in nutrition on to them, but find a plan that will work for them.

When we are talking about the skin, probably the most important thing that’s going to happen on the outside is what you do on the inside. We do IV nutritionals. We do the food sensitivity testing. We balance hormones for both men and women. We use hyperbaric oxygen particularly after our CO2 laser treatments, which is a real boon for people. Like yourself, Trevor, we’re here at 7,000 feet. You’re in Park City. We’re in Jackson Hole. It’s a challenging climate. Low oxygen tension, high sun exposure.

A lot of athletic … extreme athletes that we work with and even the average athletes are pretty extreme athlete anywhere else, and so they get a lot of exposure on the sun and a lot of trauma to the skin, and really try to find a way to balance that trauma with their internal environment, so that they have the look that they’re looking for, and the health and quality of the skin that they deserve.

Trevor Cates:  Great. Let’s talk about some of the things that you mentioned. You mentioned IV nutrient therapy, so will you explain what that is and how you use it?

Dr. Mark Menolascino:   Yeah. If you try to get your nutrition from food, so much of it will get to the cells. If you take targeted nutraceuticals, which I formally believe on high-quality targeted nutraceuticals, you get a much more targeted therapy, but when you IV infused nutritional supplements, you get a mainline effect. You super saturate the cells for maximum efficiency and absorption. We start with the Myers’ Cocktail named after Dr. Myers, a naturopath that developed the concept of IV nutritionals. We also use glutathione that we push after the Myers nutritional IV. We do use IV vitamin C in some cases, and a lot of times, we’ll do the nutritional IV and follow it by the hyperbaric chamber.

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