Tame That Beast If You Wish To Live A Life Of Vitality.

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the hardest for us to implement or accept. If there is one thing to remember, it’s this:  The source of most disease is inflammation.

You must tame that beast if you wish to live a life of vitality.

So why are so many people dying of heart disease, a very preventable disease?

Here’s why:  Cardiovascular health requires proper maintenance, which people have become a little lax in following.

You want that donut, or that fast food hamburger, or to binge watch that favorite TV show all weekend? You have to understand that the price for that is very, very high.

Tame That Beast If You Wish To Live A Life Of Vitality - Dr. Mark MenolascinoAnd then there’s stress.  With all the social media trolls out there egging you on, you may find it difficult to not be stressed.

Or perhaps you are living a high-paced life, always multitasking, and you have forgotten how to de-stress.

And even if you’re getting that right, there’s the issue of toxins. It’s no longer just things like gasoline or turpentine or the obvious culprits. They lurk hidden in the very bath products that you put on your skin and household cleaners you clean the floor with.

Each of these things contribute to that inflammation in your body.

There’s no escaping it.  

We must be especially mindful about the way we live if you want to live well.

Reducing inflammation not only helps prevent heart disease, but it can help control and even reverse autoimmune conditions across the board.

By creating a healthy lifestyle, you create a happy heart and body… and mind.  

The problem with heart disease in particular, is that it is often HIDDEN, and you may not even know you have it.

The first symptom for half of all people with heart disease is death. Sudden death.

And for women, being diagnosed is even more perplexing. The signs doctors look for tend to be those classic symptoms that men experience; but women can present way differently.

In my book, Heart Solution for Women, I share my proven program to prevent and reverse heart disease in women.

Tip #1:  The appropriate test for accurately diagnosing you is not the same as one for a man.

Tip #2: You won’t feel deprived!  When it comes to change, once we get over the hurdle of feeling like we are somehow denying ourselves of something, we can really open up to a life filled with activity and explore new foods. It’s actually quite the reverse of what people expect.

When you get off the couch and go for a hike, or you put down a fast food burger and replace it with a delicious, simple, homemade meal, or you stop and take time to meditate or destress from daily life, you really have a happier, healthier day.

One that is supporting your body, mind and heart.  And one that pays off with more TIME.

And since we are not all robots, but individuals, it is important to learn how to personalize your program to suit your needs.

What is good for the goose is not necessarily good for the gander.

Click here to get my book and begin a new journey that begins with your beautiful heart.

Tame That Beast If You Wish To Live A Life Of Vitality.

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