The Silent Killer of Women!

The Silent Killer of Women!

Throughout the ages, women have been overlooked in some very important arenas. While you wouldn’t expect the sound logic and reasoning of science and research to be among those, studies on heart disease and heart attacks have typically focused on men. Why?

The medical community has been, to be frank, unfair to the fairer sex, leading to a poor understanding of why women generally display symptoms of heart disease later – and differently – than men.

The worst part? Those symptoms often don’t look anything like what men classically experience.

The Silent Killer of Women!

Research on men has allowed practitioners to diagnose and treat heart disease, lowering the rate of heart attacks in men between the ages of 35 and 54.

That’s great news!


But the absence of research and lack of understanding heart health in women has steadily seen rates rising among the female population. Doctors look for what they were taught to look for.


  • Does it feel like an elephant is sitting on your chest?
  • Do you feel pain in your left arm?
  • Are you sweating or feeling nauseous?

While a woman may experience these symptoms, they may or may not feel any pain in their chest.

  • They may have pain in either arm.
  • They may have a pain in their jaw or neck.
  • And it may come on suddenly even if you weren’t exerting yourself through exercise.

While the love of a woman may be huge, did you know the size of a woman’s heart is proportionally 20% smaller than her counterpart? And the cardiovascular structure just isn’t quite the same.

And during reproductive years, hormones “protect” a woman’s heart. This protection may offer some time, but it also masks indications of heart disease.

As women enter menopause, they can suddenly die from heart disease they never knew they had. And so, heart disease continues to be the #1 killer for women.

But what do we know about functional medicine and autoimmunity? First, heart disease IS an autoimmune issue.

And, it’s preventable.

You have the power to design your life, your diet, and your environment in a way that will support you instead of create more harm.

I wrote the HEART Solution for Women

  • To help you learn which medications are generally prescribed but often ineffective in women.
  • To showcase which tests are better when looking for heart disease in women.
  • To help you (and those you love) get on the right path to wellness.

It’s time to protect women from this completely preventable disease and be fair to the female warriors in our lives.

To learn more and get your personalized program to optimize your heart health, get the Heart Solution for Women.