Celebrate Heart Month

Celebrate Heart Month

We are Celebrating Heart Month

February is Heart Month and is a time the nation turns its attention to keeping all of us, our families, and our communities free from heart disease, the number 1 killer of Americans!!

We have such an amazing community of healthcare workers and providers in our country and they have shown their best during the pandemic.  Let’s help them to support this mission with a Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease program for you.

Yes, you have the power in your lifestyle choices of clean food, optimal movement, and exercise, developing healthy stress management and sleep routines as well as finding love and support in yourself, your family, and your community.

Many of us worry about developing cancer, yet for example, MORE WOMEN DIE OF HEART DISEASE THAN DIE OF ALL CANCERS COMBINED!

And many men don’t know that it is the LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH IN MEN!


I spent the last 6 years lecturing worldwide to doctors to share these ‘secrets’ that are not taught in medical school and known by very few doctors or heart specialists.  If we work together and do this right, you should NEVER have a heart attack or stroke.  There are now up to 27 blood test markers to find the ‘canaries in the coal mine’ which are those at risk.  We gave up on the ‘health fair’ type testing as it didn’t work and replaced it with a state-of-the-art assessment including lab tests such as myeloperoxidase, Lipoprotein (a), PLAC-2, Oxidized LDL, ADMA/SDMA/Nitric oxide, Homocysteine, Insulin, and a 10-part fractionated cholesterol-in most doctor’s offices you only get the basic 4.

I want to help to empower by sharing the best way to assess for your risk.  I wrote about this in the book The Heart Solution for Women

FREE online program on the Heart Solution – share it with family and friends for FREE!

Healthy Heart Online Program

Every day in our clinic we do advanced testing to do precision, personalized, integrative approach to your heart health.

Our testing has 27 test markers for your individual risk, not the 4 markers done in most doctors’ offices that have not changed since 1975!

We do use medications when absolutely necessary, but our goals for you are the same that Hippocrates had 2,000 years ago in Ancient Greece:


Let food be your medicine

Let your kitchen be your pharmacy

Let your lifestyle by your physician


Let’s work together to help empower you to take back your health and reduce your and your family’s heart risk.

Happy Heart Month!

Remember: Now is the time to…

Be smart.
Be safe.
Be kind.

To your health and happiness,

Dr. Mark